5 Best Online Marketing Jobs

With the tech and the internet rising at a rapid pace, online marketing jobs are at an all-time peak. Most companies and businesses have shifted to using online marketing from traditional marketing for revenue generation. Not only is it useful and easy, in most cases, you will also be investing in less capital. This is one of the main ways of how start-ups and established companies increase their visibility.

Did you know that the digital marketing industry is a $68 billion one? Experts predict that it is moving on an upward curve and shows no sign of stopping. This is the perfect time to take advantage of this trend. The best part about it is that every single sector out there has need of online marketing, making the position an immensely important one. In this post, we will take a look at the top online marketing jobs out there.

5 Best Online Marketing Jobs

#1 Social Media Manager

While most of us have social media accounts, such as Instagram and Facebook. However, that alone is not enough qualification to become a social media manager. A social media manager is hired to manage the company’s various social media account. Besides knowing the ins and outs of all the popular online social media channels, the candidate will also need to have excellent writing skills, allowing them to reach out to their target customers easily. In most cases, digital marketing campaigns and its subsequent analysis is a major part of the role as well. You will also be responsible for monitoring and responding to the comments.

Skills required for a social media manager includes the basics of marketing, knowledge of various social media networks, communication and copywriting skills, basic graphics skills, the ability to stand ground against cyberbullies. Freelancing is common in the industry with some companies preferring to hire a specialist outright.

5 Best Online Marketing Jobs

#2 Web Analytics Expert

Naturally, you will be receiving huge amounts of data from tons of different channels. All this data needs to be analysed, including the ones gathered from digital marketing campaigns. This analysis will give the team a better insight into what is working out, what needs to be stopped or modifies, and what other ways could be used to get a better result. For this job, the candidate will require strong marketing research skills. Web analytics is naturally an important criterion. A web analyst will work to measure the performances of the various marketing campaigns the company is working on.

Besides web analyst, the role is also expanded into data analyst, business analyst, and predictive analyst roles. Popular job roles include Google Analytics Manager, Data Analyst, Business Analytics, and more. This role is more commonly found in the eCommerce industry and data-driven businesses. Google Analytics URL Builder, GA Debugger, Regular Expression (regex) Helpers, Real-Time Reporting, and Google Analytics Table Booster are all popular analytics tool that helps you do the job to the best of your ability.

5 Best Online Marketing Jobs

#3 SEO Executive

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect of an online marketing job. This basically refers to improving the business’ website so that they rank higher, leading to higher traffic. In the beginning, SEO was all about keyword research and on-page keyword targeting. However, as the tech is advancing, SEO has also become quite sophisticated. Today, it involves Google Analytics to get an analysis of competitor’s SEO tactics, compile performance report, create effective SEO strategies, and keeping up to date with any changes that may be made to the algorithm. If you are looking for a marketing job to work from home, this likely tops the list.

To do a good job, you will need to understand how to use the different SEO elements, such as Header Tags, Internal Links, Title Tags, Meta Description, ALT tags, and more. Besides this, SEO also includes off-site SEO elements, such as blogging, forum posting, link building, social networks, videos, and more. Top SEO jobs include SEO Analyst, SEO Specialist, SEO Account Manager, and SEO Technician.


5 Best Online Marketing Jobs

#4 Online Marketing Manager

This is one of the most important roles in online marketing. This is because the online marketing manager is responsible for increasing brand awareness, increase visibility of the business, and to generate more revenue with sales. In most cases, companies look out for candidates who have been in the game for at least five years. This is because this time would have taught them about the different market trends, the economics, the demand and supply, and other nuances of the industry. In this role, you will be working with or supervising analytics, SEO, content, and digital marketing leads and their teams.

Notable skills required for this role include the ability to use data for conversion-driven campaigns, understanding social media marketing, search engine optimization, content management, and mobile marketing. Did you know that there are plenty of certifications out there that certify you to be competent in this field? Some of the more popular ones are Google Certifications, Facebook Marketing Master Certification, and HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification.

Content Marketing Manager


#5 Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing Manager is getting way too much attention – and it does deserve all that and more. Content and data are the most important factor in this digital era. The person in this role is expected to deal with building an audience, increase engagement, generate leads and revenue, and of course, increase website traffic. Quality content that connects easily with the audience is the main thing that is required to achieve the target. In addition to these skills, content marketing managers do an awesome job checking SEO compatibility, inbound marketing, managing blogs, video marketing, and so on.

Content writer, content manager, content marketing, and other posts are all related to this field. This helps the team develop an effective SEO strategy, build an engaging content calendar, and define key metrics.

Email Marketing Manager

#Bonus: Email Marketing Manager

A quick bonus for all the readers out there – email marketing manager is yet another important online marketing job. The candidate would be involved in developing marketing content for the emails, creating a target audience list, and constantly work on improving the material.