6 WordPress Search Plugins

Having a functional and efficient search system is necessary for every website. Not having one could decrease the user-friendliness of the platform. Regardless of whether your website is a business site, an online shopping store, or simply a blog, a search system is a must. It is what allows your visitors to understand with a couple of clicks if you offer what they are looking for and on which page. With the internet being a vast ocean of information and each website having a ton of different pages, visitors simply cannot hunt through every page until they find what they were searching for (or not!).

A lack of a proper search system could lead to a significant decrease in your visitors. This could, in turn, affect your bounce rate and SEO ranking. However, there is no need to worry. There are plenty of excellent WordPress search plugins out there that would be a great addition to your website. Let’s take a look at the best WordPress search plugins. Do note that this list contains both free and paid options.

  1. ACF: Better Search

7 WordPress Search Plugins

ACF: Better Search is an excellent free WordPress search plugin that can improve the search experience of your users in leaps and bounds. To use it, you will have to enable and activate the Advanced Custom Fields of your WordPress website. With ACF, now your visitors would be able to search your site and select what they want. They could also search by text area, Number, Email, text, and URL. The use of the features could make the search more accurate, saving time and energy of your users and putting them in a good mood as they wander about your site. It is also relatively lightweight and is pretty easy to use.

  1. Ivory Search

7 WordPress Search Plugins

This versatile WordPress plugin is easy to use for both the website admin and the users! Despite being quite advanced in nature, it is still pretty simple to use and intuitive. Besides allowing the users to use the usual search features, you would also be able to create your custom search form. You can display this custom form anywhere on your website, such as on the header, footer, in the widget area, or the sidebar. You will have a lot of control when it comes with searching across the website. Users can search with the post titles, content, taxonomy terms, metadata, and lots more. If you already know you don’t want something, you can exclude that from the search results as well.

  1. SearchWP

SearchWP is a premium plugin and for this reason, is not available for free. However, if you are willing to shell out for it, you will be pleasantly surprised to receive the best possible service. It is intuitive to use and comes with dozens of features and capabilities. It is not hard to set up and you would not have to work with difficult configuration and settings.

6 WordPress Search Plugins

As soon as you install and activate the plugin on your WordPress website, the visitors would be able to search across different parts of the site. This includes documents, eCommerce products, and custom field data. It also gives you an insight into the visitors and their quests so that you can improve your offerings accordingly. Another great thing about SearchWP is that it offers the option of customizing your search algorithm. It comes with integration with WP Job Manager, WooCommerce, bbPress, and more. It also supports Keyword Stemming for better and more accurate results.

  1. Advanced Woo Search

6 WordPress Search Plugins

Advanced Woo Search is a very popular WordPress search plugin and it is known for its powerful algorithms. Users can efficiently search through your website to find what they were looking for. It is easy to use, fast and comes with many features including smart ordering, Google Analytics support, and more. You can use a widget to place a search box. This WordPress search plugin lets users search with content, excerpt, tags, SKUs, product title, categories, and more. Since the search results show the image and the price of the product, it makes it easier than ever for the users. It is compatible with translation plugins like Polylang, WooCommerce Multilingual, and QPML. With Smart Ordering, you can now show the results depending on its source.

  1. Swiftype Site Search

6 WordPress Search Plugins

If you are on the lookout for a multi-lingual, feature-rich WordPress search plugin, your search should end here. The Swiftype Site Search is a highly customizable WordPress plugin. You don’t need any tech or coding knowledge to install it or use it. Its intuitive and user-friendly dashboard provides all that you need to customize the search effectively. The design is functional and attractive, which is a great bonus. With automatic updates, you can be sure that the plugin will auto-sync whenever any changes are made. Other features of this plugin include bigram matching, typo tolerance, stemming, phrase matching, synonym, and more. It supports 13 different languages, such as German, French, Russian, Chinese, English, and more.

  1. Ajax Search Pro

6 WordPress Search Plugins

Ajax Search Pro is another WordPress search plugin that is well-known in the industry. Everything you want or could hope for from a search system, Ajax Search Pro provides! The plugin comes with over 60 customizable themes. Besides having an attractive and visually appealing search engine, it also has an intuitive and functional back-end. You would be able to create an effective search form without any trouble. It offers keyword suggestions and autocomplete, caching, page builder support, keyword highlighting, and more. It also comes with integrated support for Google Analytics. Although it is not free, the amount of features it offers is definitely worth paying the fees. It also offers multiple content types, multisite support, custom field filters, and smart image parsing.  Ajax live search WordPress plugin is a popular one.

To Conclude..

Check out the options that feature in this list of the best WordPress search plugins and see which one would suit you the best. Each one offers different features and some are more easier to operate than the others. Hope this helps.