7 Advantages Of Shopify Hosting

E-commerce has changed the retail scene altogether. With plenty of businesses selling online today, the brick-and-mortar stores are no longer that popular. With so many users building their eCommerce websites, the need for e-Commerce stores’ development came up. These usually feature the ideal balance between looks and functionality. Some of the popular eCommerce platforms include PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. Shopify is another excellent choice to consider. It offers the users great features, efficient eCommerce site, and a high-performance website.

If you are looking to create an online store to sell goods or services, Shopify is a great option. It needs minimal configuration and can be easily handled by even those who are not tech-savvy. You can sell as many products as you want or simply just one by setting up your business requirement. This not only gives your revenue a boost but also works to increase your ROI.

Benefits Of Shopify

Shopify is a very popular platform for online stores. The reason behind it is because there are plenty of benefits of using Shopify. In this section, we will look at some of the most important benefits.

Easy Setup And Mobile Optimization: You may already know that it is very easy to set up your online store on Shopify. If you are looking out for a complete solution without any technical issues, this is the ideal option for you. The platform offers the users hosting and software required to launch the website. You will also note that the admin interface is easy to handle. Thanks to its user-friendly design, it is easy to navigate around. It is also highly intuitive making it a pleasure using it.

Another factor that makes using Shopify interesting and useful is that it is optimized for mobile responsiveness as well. Since a large number of users today are mobile shoppers, it is important to cater to them. It is a key factor that one should not overlook. Most Shopify themes are mobile responsive. This means that you can easily use it to avail mobile-optimized stores. There are also iPhone and Android apps you can use to manage the online store.

Visual Appeal: The Shopify platform offers its users a wide range of professional templates. This gives way to the creation of visually appealing online stores. While the default theme is very simple and minimalistic, you can always get designers to work on it. Once they are done, you will be able to start selling on your creative-looking website featuring excellent UX and a vibrant UI.

App Integrations: Another benefit of choosing Shopify is that the platform offers tons of customization abilities. These can be easily integrated with apps without any trouble. Now, the seller would be able to add more functionalities and features to their online store to make it more attractive, thereby gaining more revenue.

Another factor to consider here is search engine optimization or SEO. If you want to rank higher on the search engine results page, you will have to make your store SEO friendly. This is important since an SEO-friendly store or website can be easily accessed by shoppers online. Thanks to Shopify, you will be able to do this comfortably. You will be able to design landing pages which need to be distinguished from other eCommerce websites. In addition to this, users will be able to make use of other SEO parameters offered by Shopify, such as custom title tags and meta tags.

7 Advantages Of Shopify Hosting

Security: Another advantage of using Shopify is that it offers reliable security. If you are running an online business, security is a must. This is because online stores tend to deal with sensitive financial information along with the confidential data of your users. Again, this security must be available online so as to allow you to take care of the maintenance of your web store.

Marketing Tools And Payment: Since Shopify is a complete platform for online businesses, it gives you that marketing edge which makes all the difference in the world. The basic version offers you SEO features in addition to advanced e-commerce analytics. Besides, you will also be able to make use of marketing tools, such as store statistics, targeted email marketing, gift cards, discount coupons, and more.

A major factor that we need to consider while choosing an eCommerce platform is the ease of payment. It is always a challenge for any online business to find a secure and reliable payment gateway that can be successfully integrated with the platform. The payment service used here should let buyers pay by making use of different payment options. Shopify makes it very easy for business owners to set up the payment gateway. It also supports the Stripe payment option where shoppers would be able to carry out transactions without incurring an additional fee.

7 Advantages Of Shopify Hosting

Customer Support: Reliable customer service is always a bonus. By deciding to go ahead with Shopify, online sellers can always get in touch with the customer support team. The team is available round-the-clock and are generally quite knowledgeable and reliable. They can be reached via live chat, email, or phone. Since you can usually solve your issue almost immediately, your online store will not face any downtime.

Loading Speed: Since Shopify is a globally hosted solution, it has a reliable infrastructure. Additionally, it boasts of optimized hardware and software. This ensures that the platform enjoys a super-fast loading speed. Any eCommerce site running on it will load in a second. This is very important since this is one of the factors Google uses for ranking websites.


While there are plenty of online eCommerce platforms available, Shopify is one of the more popular ones. It allows users to build their own online stores that are both scalable and flexible in nature. With tons of built-in features, apps, and other elements, it is truly a great option. With all the advantages of Shopify Hosting mentioned above, there is no way you can go wrong in choosing it.