8 Best WordPress Migration Plugins

Any sort of shifting or moving is a tiring job. Most often, moving requires time, energy, effort, and money – regardless of whether it is a house shift or a website! However, the digital world has come to your rescue. If you want to move your website, there are plenty of migration plugins available out there. Let’s take a look at the best WordPress migration plugins in this post.

Why Should You Migrate Your WordPress Website?

Before jumping into the best plugins, let’s first understand why do you need to migrate your WordPress website? Many beginner users choose to go ahead with a plan that offers only the basic minimum features. But, once they get the show on the road and they start experiencing more traffic, users tend to move to a different hosting plan or provider.

You might also make the move if you want to shift from a local server to a live one so that your website is now live. Another reason could be that your website was created on a certain server, but now you need to move it to start using it. There are ways to make the migration manually. However, if you are not confident with the network configurations and other things that you need to know, it is advisable that you don’t.

Here is where the WordPress migration plugins come into play. With these, you can migrate your WordPress site in no time. Since it offers such excellent service, most such plugins don’t come free. With cost comes the pressure of choosing a good plugin. Take a look at this list of the best WordPress migration plugins.

  1. All-In-One WordPress Migration

8 Best WordPress Migration Plugins

This plugin is designed to offer efficient and easy to use export and import file options. You can also choose certain data that you don’t want to migrate. This could include themes, comments, plugins, or images. The All-In-One WordPress Migration can adjust the size of the transferred files by bypassing them. This feature comes in quite useful, especially for those using shared hosting since this plan usually comes with a lot of restrictions for the users. While it is free for use of certain features, you will have to pay for accessing its premium features. However, you will receive cloud storage support with Google Cloud Storage, Dropbox, or OneDrive with it.

  1. WP Migrate DB

8 Best WordPress Migration Plugins

WP Migrate DB is another useful migration plugin. It does work in a slightly different manner. Instead of just exporting the files, it exports the website’s database to your device as an SQL file. This could then be used to import files to a new host. Other features of this plugin include the fact that it can help you replace URLs automatically on your web site’s database and get rid of other data like old posts, comments, and more. It also stores cache data, so you could repeat the migration multiple times with different hosts or domains. There is a free version and a premium paid version.

  1. Duplicator

8 Best WordPress Migration Plugins


This migration plugin is one of the most popular options out there thanks to its comprehensive solution for WordPress backups and migration. It allows users to migrate WordPress websites without any issues. This plugin ensures that there is no downtime encountered as the migration process takes place. Besides, it is offered for free! However, if you want to use the advanced features, you can always pay for getting access to the premium account. This will offer you support for cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox, let you access cPanel from the installer, and assist with regular backups.

  1. BackupBuddy

8 Best WordPress Migration Plugins

This is a great plugin, especially if you are concerned with backups. This allows you to schedule regular backups. Thanks to the backups it makes, it is easier to migrate your website whenever you want. BackUpBuddy also offers awesome cloud storage options, including Dropbox, FTP, and Rackspace Cloud. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a free version. However, on the brighter side, you don’t have to pay monthly or yearly fees either. Users would only require to pay once for lifetime access. Besides helping you with the migration, this plugin offers regular updates, an additional 1GB data storage, and access to premium support forums.

  1. Super Backup and Clone

8 Best WordPress Migration Plugins

This WordPress migration plugin offers automatic backup abilities. You can choose the frequency of the backups, add a database to your website, and use this plugin to migrate. Again, there is no free version of the app. There are many plans, each priced differently. The basic plan will get you free updates and support for six months. With each higher level, you will receive more premium features.

  1. UpdraftPlus

8 Best WordPress Migration Plugins

This free migration plugin will assist you in backing up your WordPress files and database automatically and migrate your website. It will sync with cloud storage options like FTP, SFTP, Google Drive, and Dropbox. The backups would be compressed into ZIP formats and organized accordingly. You can now decide which of the old data you want to restore and the ones you don’t. This includes data such as plugins, databases, themes, images and more.

  1. Migrate Guru

8 Best WordPress Migration Plugins

Many people have trouble with migrations, especially beginners. Migrate Guru was created to simplify this process. It will process your website’s database on its server, drastically reducing the chances of data loss. This can move as much as 1GB of data in less than half an hour and is perfect for use with sites having large databases. What’s great news is that it is completely free.

  1. VaultPress

8 Best WordPress Migration Plugins

This premium WordPress migration plugin works on a monthly fee basis. One thing you can be sure of is that this smart tool was created by the co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg. It has a ton of functionalities, such as smooth backup processing, a high level of security, and more. One thing you need to note is that VaultPress can only be used with JetPack. The latter is designed to help protect your website against malware and spam.

Migration can take up a lot of time and could be disastrous if something goes wrong. This is why only the best plugins and processes should be used, such as the ones mentioned on this list.