GoDaddy cPanel

cPanel is a web-based control panel for hosting. It is one of the most popular ones used by the majority of the hosting providers. It allows the website owners to manage their sites via an easy web-based interface. Thanks to a simple graphical interface, the can easily control the Unix server. The tools are designed to be as easy to use as possible as well.

There are different tiers or levels of cPanel, so that each user can be allowed a different level of access based on their usage and work. The admins will be able to work with the servers and its various aspects. Usually, cPanel can be accessed via https on port 2083. This means that by typing “/cpanel” on your hostname, you can access it.

GoDaddy cPanel works similarly to other web hosts although you might find some small differences. If you look into it, you might see that it has a kind of auto installer so that it can easily handle content management systems such as WordPress.

So, what is GoDaddy cPanel? GoDaddy is one of the most used and most popular web hosting platforms out there. Due to its aggressive subscription pricings and the fact that their offers include a lot of tools and resources, it is no wonder that they are so popular. In fact, GoDaddy is so well run that it is used a lot by both personal and business websites. The cPanel platform is one of the major positives of using GoDaddy. You can use the GoDaddy cPanel to manage and control different functionalities on your website.

GoDaddy cPanel

Another common question is what is cPanel WordPress? Users can use the cPanel to manage their WordPress or other sites hosted by GoDaddy in a much easier manner. Some of the tasks that can be done easily thanks to the GoDaddy cPanel includes managing the domain names, dealing with the databases, the backups, and the mail accounts. cPanel makes it very simple for users to work on their hosting even without a lot of technical knowledge.

Godaddy cPanel

Exploring cPanel

If you are new to cPanel, it may help to think of it as a hub. You would be able to access a variety of features and functionalities and work on them from here. This includes uploading different files to your server, setting up email addresses, building and managing databases, routing and connection domains, and so much more. cPanel is especially useful for small and medium-sized companies. Since they usually are responsible for their IT infrastructure, it helps that it is easy to manage without requiring a ton of tech knowledge. Network admins can make changes and modify the systems in a jiffy without having to learn the systems’ working first.

GoDaddy cPanel Hosting Plans & Pricing

GoDaddy cPanel

It is important to understand here that cPanel is not GoDaddy’s product. cPanel can be accessed by different hosting platforms if they support it. It can also be used separately as long as you have a user’s license for it. This can be purchased from cPanel’s official website. However, coming back to GoDaddy cPanel, hosting companies can integrate it into their architecture so that their customers can use it as part of the services. This is an extremely useful aspect to consider when choosing web hosts.

Accessing cPanel in GoDaddy

Many beginners have the query of how to access cPanel login in GoDaddy. The answer is very simple. If you are all set, log in to your GoDaddy account. Make your way to the GoDaddy web portal and log in. Once done, you will see the Web Hosting icon among the different ones. Click on the icon which will give you an option to access cPanel. Clicking on ‘Manage’ will take you to cPanel. Here is where you can access all the available cPanel functions and manage your entire website.

GoDaddy cPanel

While the above method is an easy way of accessing cPanel, it is not the only way. You can also make your way to it by keying in the right domain name on the URL field. To access via the URL, type your domain name followed by /cpanel. This will take you to the cPanel login page. All you now need to do is to type in your credentials and login and start using your GoDaddy cPanel.

Besides using cPanel to manage the network, database, and domains, you can use their file manager and tools for a variety of purposes, most of them designed to make our lives more convenient. For this reason, it is one of the most popular options out there and not only supported by GoDaddy but by other top web hosts as well. If you are new to cPanel and if it is difficult to find your way around, you can always call up GoDaddy’s customer care. They will guide you in detail.

Using it

Most plans with GoDaddy give you the option of using cPanel. Choosing the hosting plan might be tricky at times, but if you are sure what your plans are for your digital future, it shouldn’t be very confusing. Besides the package, you will also get the option to get some ad-on. This includes site security, website backup, and an SSL certificate for HTTPS. Once you choose and get started, you can now set up your email, create your website using the infinite themes available, and access your website’s cPanel for more options.

GoDaddy’s cPanel dashboard is very clean, making it easy to use for both beginners and advanced users alike. On the left-hand side of the interface, you will be able to the website stats which include storage, file usage, and more. This can come in useful if you want to see the load your website is placing on the server. Other cPanel categories include Databases, Web Applications, Domains, Files, Preferences, Security, Software, Email, Metrics, and Advanced. Since each area is neatly categorized, it is perfect for use for inexperienced users.

To wrap up, GoDaddy cPanel is a great invention! It is extremely easy to use. The variety of functionalities it offers is a definite plus.