How To Duplicate A Page In WordPress

In this post, we will talk about how we can duplicate a page in WordPress. There are many reasons for wanting to duplicate a page. One could be that you might want to revamp your page with a new design and some updated content, but also want to keep the older one for possible use later on.

While you can always copy and paste the content somewhere, this would move only the base details of the page and not other things like the featured image, the SEO optimization performed, page templates, and more. If you want to try out something new or are experimenting with something you are not quite sure of, it is a good idea to do that in a duplicate version, so that you don’t mess up your original! It is also a great way to compare new changes to your original version.

How To Duplicate A Page In WordPress

Instead of working out the whole page painfully again, you can use WordPress’ feature and duplicate it in a jiffy. Some plugins will help you achieve this task in no time. Before getting down to business, make sure you have access to the WordPress Admin Panel. There are many different ways in which you can duplicate a page in WordPress. We will explore a few here.

Duplicate Post Plugin

Duplicate Post plugin is the ideal way to clone your page in WordPress. Besides giving you a duplicate page, it also allows you to add customizations and other things. You would be able to have a pre-defined suffix or prefix. Besides this, if you want, you can also limit the plugin’s functionality based on the user levels. To duplicate a page using this plugin, you will first have to install and activate the Duplicate Post Plugin. Click on ‘Pages’ and then on the ‘All Pages’ option. Move your cursor over the page that you want to duplicate.

You will notice two options come up – ‘New Draft’ and ‘Clone’. Click on ‘Clone’. This will create a duplicate version of the page or post that you have selected.

If you want to work on the duplicate copy on the post editor, click on the ‘New Draft’ option. This will let you edit it. Now, once you are done, you can save it as a draft, or if you are all done, you can publish it as well.

Duplicate Page and Post Plugin

Among the tons of plugins available to duplicate a page, this is another excellent one. The Duplicate Page and Post works extremely well and can clone any post or page you wish in no time. You will be able to duplicate all the data on the page including the titles, the content, the styling, and other elements. The plugin is also pretty easy to use, which gives it bonus points.

So, how do you go about using this? First, install and activate the Duplicate Page and Post. Again, click on ‘Pages’ and then on ‘All Pages’. If you want to duplicate a post, click on ‘Post’ and then on ‘All Posts’. Take your cursor and point it on the post or page that you want to clone. Click on the ‘Clone Me’ option. This would take you to a duplicate copy of your page. Here, you would be able to edit it, save it as a draft, and, when you are ready, publish it.

Post Duplicator

If you are not very happy with the above two options, or simply need more idea, you can try Post Duplicator plugin. This plugin is designed to let you create a duplicate copy of any post that you want. The best part about it is that it will make sure and retail custom fields and custom taxonomies as well. To get started, install and activate the Post Duplicator plugin. Hover your mouse cursor over the page or post that you want to clone. Click on the ‘Duplicate Post’ or ‘Duplicate Page’ option. This will create an exact replica of the page. You can now work on it.

Duplicating Without Plugins

While using plugins makes it simpler and faster to get your work done, we understand if you don’t want to use plugins. However, we do recommend using plugins since they are more efficient. WordPress is known for the variety of reliable and efficient plugins it offers, after all! If you are determined to duplicate a page in WordPress without plugins, it is advised that you take a backup of your website before you start the process.

To create a duplicate copy of your page, you would have to work about it with some code. You will need to do write the code in your functions.php file. There are many ways in which you can achieve this. Some of the more popular ways include using an FTP client, File Manager, or the inbuilt WordPress file editor. Once you have done this, make your way to the All Pages area. You will now see a ‘Duplicate’ option. This will create a copy of the page and save it as a draft. Now, you can work on that and publish it, if you wish.


There are plenty of reasons why one needs to duplicate a page or a post in WordPress. Here you go! Out of these four ways, there must be one that must suit your requirements. Besides the plugins mentioned here, there are also a lot of other options available out there. When choosing one, ensure that it is reliable and efficient. On the same note, if you are not sure if or not you have the cloned content, there are some tools out there that can help you organize this. You will not have to do this manually. Some popular options include Siteliner, Site Audit, and Screaming Frog. Site Audit is a great one, developed by SEMrush and is ideal if you want to work on your SEO results as well.