Pros and Cons of HostGator VPS Hosting

Before jumping into this article on HostGator VPS, let us first try to understand what VPS is and how HostGator is as a web hosting company. HostGator is one of the oldest and most well-known web hosts in the market. With an average uptime of 99.98%, they have pretty good stats going. As with most web hosts, HostGator also offers several plans to its users – Shared, Cloud, WordPress, VPS and Dedicated servers. Each plan offers different features according to the plan and the price. They are also known for their excellent customer service and knowledgeable technicians.  Coming down to their major drawback – it is their average page loading time.

Other than this, HostGator is a pretty popular web hosting company. Besides the features mentioned in the plan, they have other add-ons for extra charges, such as backups, security, and more. In this article, we are going to focus more on VPS, what it means, its benefits and drawbacks, and conclude it with HostGator VPS.

Pros and Cons of HostGator VPS Hosting

What does VPS Stand For?

The term VPS might not be new for you as you might have heard it around many times. But what does it actually mean? VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This particular term is majorly used in the content of hosting. Beginners are often confused between VPN and VPS! They are completely different.

It is common knowledge that the basic or shared plan offered by HostGator, or by any other company for that matter, comes with certain limitations. This is only natural since it is offered at a very low rate. If you come to that stage where you the limitations are too much to bear, VPS offers a way out. The Virtual Private Server works similarly to a dedicated server. However, one major difference here is the fact that instead of one physical server, you are sharing many physical servers. All these servers are connected together via virtualization technologies. In short, VPS could be considered to be an option that lies somewhere between the shared plan and the dedicated plan.

VPS Hosting

Coming to the hosting part, you might have the question what is VPS Hosting and what does it do? If you are a beginner and are just getting started with a website, a shared plan would be your best bet. It is the most common option used by beginners. In this, you will have a single physical server that is later divided between many user accounts. Since the physical server resources are split, the prices are low.

Talking about VPS, it works on a similar model. When you create your VPS hosting account, you will receive a guaranteed server resource amount allocated specifically for you. However, over and beyond that, at the end of the day, you will still be sharing the space on a physical server with other users. The virtualization technologies used in shared vs. in VPS hosting is different. There will not be any overlap in resource usage. It is also a good time to say that the other VPS user accounts will not impact you or your website in any manner. It is a good idea to think of it as a single dedicated server which is divided over many different physical server environments. It is the perfect option for those who can no longer use shared hosting but cannot afford the dedicated server.


Pros and Cons of HostGator VPS Hosting

Pros of HostGator VPS Hosting

HostGator VPS can offer the users plenty of benefits since it sits at the ideal level between shared and dedicated hosting.

If you have chosen to go ahead with HostGator VPS, you will receive a high level of performance. You might sometimes experience slow loading and a performance drop with shared hosting. If you want a server that can handle higher traffic and improve the site loading speed, VPS is a good option to choose from.  Another benefit of using HostGator VPS is that you will be able to increase your server resources if your requirements increase in the future.

Moving on, security is the main feature of VPS hosting. Although you will not be completely protected from other sites using the same server, you will have the authority to have some security protocols in place. VPS hosting is a great option to choose, especially if you want to move away from shared plans, but don’t want to make the jump to a dedicated server. VPS plans offer a ton of features at very cost-effective prices. This also gives you better security and improved performance. Another benefit of HostGator VPS is that you will receive a higher level of server access along with the authority to customize or change the server environment as you wish.

Cons of HostGator VPS Hosting

HostGator’s VPS plan offers a lot of advantages to its users. However, it comes with some drawbacks as well. Let’s look at the pricing factor. While VPS is cost-effective for most, it could be seen as high by some users. If users finding shared plan pricing difficult to fit their budget, VPS may be even tougher to think of. However, VPS hosting is a good option, especially if you want the features of a dedicated server at lower rates.

Since VPS hosting depends largely on fair resource allocation, you might be in trouble if you don’t choose your host carefully. However, with HostGator, that is not a problem. Another potential issue is that your website may face performance or speed issues depending on another site on the same server.


To wrap up, we say that VPS Hosting is a pretty good option, especially for those who want to escape the confines of shared plan hosting but cannot afford the expenses of a dedicated server plan. VPS is the perfect solution. It offers excellent performance, high storage space, deploying and testing projects, and is scalable if you ever want to expand in the future. There are also other features offered, such as additional file storage and website backups. Hope you now have a much better idea about VPS and HostGator