What Web Hosting Service Does Facebook Use

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms. It has over 5 billion user accounts in total and there are more than 2.5 billion users who are active in Facebook every month. There are millions of other Facebook pages and groups that actively post on a daily basis.  Taking into account all of these details, it figures that there are millions of other posts that Facebook processes on a daily basis – such as advertisements, announcements, and many more, most of them being location-centric.

The servers have to do a lot of processing in order to ensure that the right content is being posted in the right place. It has been projected that on a year-on-year basis, there is a growth rate of close to 10% on the number of active users on a monthly basis. Apart from all of this, Facebook has to keep working to remove all the fake accounts that get created on the platform. Stats suggest that just over 11% of the Facebook accounts are fake.

For any social media platform, it is highly important that the data that has been posted by the users are stored and kept for future use as well. None of the user data can be purged. From the latest reports of Facebook, it has been noted that the total data that Facebook processes on any single day are easily over 500 Terabytes. This data is useful for creating insights which help Facebook in gaining more business. In today’s world, data is something that is very important. All the data that is being collected by Facebook is being used for some purpose or the other. In any case, if that data is not being used, then that data is not useful.

What Web Hosting Service Does Facebook Use

One has to keep in mind that this data is being processed at a very rapid rate and to ensure that this is being done at a fast pace, the servers where the data is being hosted needs to be capable enough to run through piles of data to make it worthy. Sometimes, this has to be done within minutes, such as understanding the sentiment of the user while reacting to posts. There were other stats as well that were revealed from the user’s perspective. There are more than 100 Petabytes of data that is currently being stored in the Facebook data centres and the data is growing gradually every day with millions of posts on a daily basis.

With the data growing every day, Facebook needs to ensure that the ingestion rate of the data also needs to keep increasing. Facebook also analyses all the data from every user and ensures that the targeted advertisements. These advertisements go to specific user groups which are set up by the advertisers. They can be parameters such as location, age, sex, interests, and many more. With all this data, Facebook can also project how high the reach of a particular advertisement would be to ensure that the data reaches the appropriate audience.

Facebook’s Data Centre

Since Facebook is a huge organization, they don’t have a hosting provider that they are using. Instead, they have their own servers and data centres where all the data is stored and secured. Coming to the data centres, there are multiple data centres that Facebook are using. They have multiple data centres spread across the globe. It all started with the data centre at Prineville, Oregon in 2010 when the first data centre was built.

Though there has not been much evidence of Facebook leasing out data centres, there have been rumours that they have been leasing out a data centre in Singapore. With the data growing on a daily basis, the existing data centres have been expanding on a daily basis. Constructions have been going on in multiple sites to ensure that the data growth of users is accounted for.

The data centre at Oregon is measured 147,000 square feet and the construction of another 160,000 square feet has been approved. With a total size of 307,000, it is at least 2 times the size of a Walmart store. In Prineville, the data centre is close to 487,000 square foot of space.

Apart from this, there are multiple locations across the globe where Facebook also has data centres such as Forest City, North Carolina, Sweden, Iowa, Altoona, Singapore, and more. There are various different plans to have more data centres put forth in other locations such as Ireland, Mexico, etc. With South Asia-Pacific being one of the biggest traffic generators, there is a high possibility that a new data centre is built somewhere in the same region.

Servers and Stats

It has been estimated that across the world, there are close to 60,000 servers that the network of Facebook is on. On a daily basis, it is believed that there are more than 3 billion likes and 300 million photos per day. The scanning rate is close to 105 terabytes per 30 minutes. The company has also made a huge investment for monitoring all the servers. This is to ensure that are the servers and the services on all the servers are up and running without any issues. In case there are any issues with any server/service, then it is immediately brought up.

All these servers are high availability servers and can be swapped at any time in case of a server crash. There are more than 1000 employees who manage all these data centres to ensure that the service is always up and running.

With projected growths, there are multiple reports that Facebook is planning to ramp up the existing data centres and also invest in new data centres to have the data better managed. Before all this, Facebook started in Harvard’s own data centre and now have managed to build their own huge data centres. At one point in time, it was mentioned that Facebook is paying close to $90 per month for shared hosting services – but this was way back in time.